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We’re the experts not only for a wide range of modular in & outdoor smart interactive kiosk systems, displays and tables but also for all possible customization needs for any possible look & feel of the kiosk or table to reflect your organisations' identity or to enhance the customer experience. Integrating 4G/5G, Bluetooth, a payment terminal, a scanner, NFC, a printer and quality speakers are all options available to our customers. Dual screen solutions, special fixation needs or simple custom made digital signage solutions can all be created for you by our specialists. 


Our engineers are real experts for those difficult applications that are more challenging and require special techniques in order to perform in extraordinary circumstances indoor, outdoor and on the move. Matching IP standards required, built-in air-cooling systems, vibration protection, dust / heat / splash / moist protection, surveillance equipment are just some of the options available. We also provide IP certification. 

Throughout our many years of experience building products widely used in the telecommunications industry, public transportation, electric power, hospitality & retail and many other industries we have the skills & know-how to meet even the hardest requests. We have with our experienced and high-skilled personnel, together with our manufacturing partners, implemented strong process adherence practices with multiple automated test and inspection steps throughout the design & production process, to ensure high quality standards for all our products, custom-made or part of the 'standard' assortment. 

We do all of our own design, prototyping, durable tests, certification in-house in close collaboration with our customers. 

Share your ideas and needs with us and we will work with you to deliver as per your requirements.