Who we are

Not your average manufacturer!

We are extremely passionate about our products. We love to be closely involved every step of the way. We design, make and deliver what you need. You can count on honest advice and smart solutions. Everything for happy customers.

Do you need a digital solution that works for you?

Strong design & high quality products

We are dedicated to bring smart kiosk technology to the market. Without limitations. Our team of experts with offices in the Benelux can assist with building custom digital solutions that suit your needs. With full customization options made to order with our selected partners in Asia. We think at least ten steps ahead and we take into account the smallest details so you don’t have to. You are in very good hands with us!

Everything is possible

You can contact us for any possible customization. Smart interactive kiosk systems for all your needs with a look and feel that reflects your organisation’s identity. Think integrated 4G/5G, Bluetooth, payment terminals, scanners, printers, speakers, … Anything you can think of can be made by our specialists. We do our own design, prototyping, durability testing and certification in close collaboration with our customers.

Even when things get though

A challenging project? Special requirements? Extraordinary circumstances indoor, outdoor or on the move? Our engineers are experts who like to tackle difficult issues. Whether you need protection against vibration, heat, dust or water, specialized surveillance equipment, … We have many years of experience building products for a wide range of industries: telecommunications, public transportation, hospitality, and many more. Share your ideas with us and we will work with you to meet your needs.

More than just kiosks

All of our products are ideated and designed to provide the most effective, easy-to-use display and merchandising solutions for organizations at any stage in their life cycle. Everything to help you connect with the world and build your brand with products that are personalized to your needs.

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