Reimagine how you
Work. Learn. Connect.

Smart, interactive and custom made kiosk solutions

We design
kiosk solutions
that fit your needs.

The way we communicate has changed. Big time. Technology provides compelling digital experiences: innovative, dynamic and user-friendly. We make tailor-made interactive kiosks and other digital solutions, precisely designed for your unique requirements.


Interactive kiosks

Touchscreens with body.
Sleek indoor. Sturdy outdoor.

Smart whiteboards

Watch, touch, write.
For interactive meetings
and learning.

Smart displays

Smart touchscreens
that fit in every setting.
Like a glove.


Small touchscreens.
Easy to hold. Or just right to
fit the space you have.

Display wall

Big and bright. For videowalls of any
size with consistent colours and
perfect images.

INTERACT KIOSKS does what others cannot.

We create solutions that match your vision down to the
tiniest detail. In small and large volumes.


With in-house design and engineering teams specialized in creating customized prototypes. We analyse, develop, validate and certify.

Carefully selected manufacturers in Asia that help us deliver the most advanced and cost effective products.

Meeting our customer’s needs by working closely together. Thinking about small details so you don’t need to.

is possible

Our clients are doing remarkable things with our touchscreens to communicate their message.
The INTER@CTive way of course.

Building a unique learning tool to teach music around the world.

Making visitor check-ins fast and easy. But still welcoming.

Guiding people through the charging process of their electric vehicle with a sturdy screen.

Every project
starts with a

How can we make a
difference for you?