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With our team of experts we are able to design interactive display solutions that work for you. Whether you need a digital display that works in a heavy duty environment or a smart kiosk that wows your customers, we got you.

Do you need a digital solution
that works for you?

This is how
we work


Defining the objectives and identifying the intended user experience.


Create a comprehensive design plan outlining the hardware components, technical specifications and overall aesthetics.


Develop a prototype to visualize and test the proposed design. This allows for early identification of potential issues and refinements.

Validation & certification

Subject the prototype to rigorous testing and validation procedures to ensure that it meets performance standards, user expectations, and any regulatory requirements.


Initiate the full-scale production, adhering to the finalized design and specifications.


Implement an efficient logistics strategy to handle the transportation, distribution, and installation of the finished product at designated locations, ensuring a smooth deployment process.

Get inspired

INTER@CT KIOSKS works with ambitious clients all over the world. We love to share a selection of the projects we are proud of.

Unique learning tool to teach music around the world

Custom design music box with 15.6” advanced touch display to help students in developing countries to study anytime, anywhere and on demand.

High power charger for electrical vehicles

Rugged outdoor design with an integrated 32” touch display module. Integrated cooling and heating to allow a wide range of operating temperatures (- 40C – 55°C)

Easy check-in tool for cultural events

Welcoming visitors with a fast and easy check-in. Using a 10.1” touch display integrated in a rugged casing with card reader.

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starts with a

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