digital solutions

Our comprehensive suite of interactive kiosks and smart displays are designed for easy use. Anywhere you need.

Supercharge your organisation with intelligent solutions

Add instant value for visitors, customers, employees, … with our captivating range of interactive kiosks and smart displays. Use them to inform, entertain, teach and more. Our customized solutions make it easy to meet all your needs. People turn to us because we’re versatile, we’re here for the long run, and we offer smart solutions that engage people.

Interactive kiosks

Touchscreens with body.
Sleek indoor. Sturdy outdoor.

Smart whiteboards

Watch, touch, write.
For interactive meetings
and learning.

Smart displays

Smart touchscreens
that fit in every setting.
Like a glove.


Small touchscreens.
Easy to hold. Or just right to
fit the space you have.

Display wall

Big and bright. For videowalls of any
size with consistent colours and
perfect images.

is possible

Our clients are doing remarkable things with our touchscreens
to communicate their message. The INTER@CTive way of course.