Display mirror

It’s mirror, with a little magic

The benefits of a Display Mirror are extensive, providing users with a distinctive and forward-thinking encounter while fulfilling its designated purpose. From immersive pastimes to item choosers, the possibilities of a top-notch reflective screen are immense, allowing spectators to engage with the material exhibited on the display. The uses for these participatory Display Mirrors cater to a broad spectrum of retail and service needs, from interactive changing room mirrors to salon mirrors.

Employing Display mirrors in retail and point-of-sale settings serves as a valuable instrument to stimulate transactions and enhance user satisfaction. Not only is their presence a revelation owing to their distinctive character, strategically positioning Display mirrors in fitting spaces also give you an exclusive chance to upsell similar or related products at the most important point of the customer journey, providing a more personalised service to the user.

Product highlights

Screen size: up to 21.5”
Touchscreen: capacitive touch
Android operating system