Indoor kiosks

For every use

At the reception? In a conference room? At a fair?

You can place and move these free-standing kiosks as you please. They are available in four versions, depending on the space and the purpose for which you want to use them. Their mobility allows you to strategically place and move them at your convenience, ensuring optimal engagement in any setting.

Choose from our array of different kiosks, each crafted to cater to specific spatial and functional requirements. All come with steel main frames and are in standard black or white. Or you can go for a design that fits in your environment.


The kiosks are all with touch displays and have a built in antenna and speakers. Other options like camera, 4G, payment terminal are possible. Or what about a fully customized indoor kiosk?

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Product highlights

Screen size: up to 75”
Touchscreen: capacitive touch or IR touch
Operating system: Windows or Android