Outdoor kiosk

Explore, engage, experience

Built to endure the elements and shocks, our weather and shockproof outdoor kiosks redefine the boundaries of outdoor information dissemination and engagement. Explore, shop, register, and transact – all at the convenience of outdoor locations, thanks to our cutting-edge outdoor kiosk solutions.

Outdoor kiosks for very use:

Tourist information at your fingertips

Navigate the city or explore local attractions effortlessly with our outdoor kiosks offering comprehensive tourist information. From historical sites to hidden gems, these kiosks are your digital tour guides, enhancing your outdoor adventures.

Shopping made seamless

Share shopping information with an outdoor kiosk. Browse through an extensive array of offerings, view product details, and make informed decisions right at your fingertips. These kiosks bring the convenience of an indoor shopping experience to the great outdoors.

Access control and registration

Ensure secure access and streamline registration processes at events or venues with our outdoor kiosks. These sturdy installations are built to withstand the elements while efficiently managing access control, registrations, and check-ins.

Advertise with impact

Capture attention and drive engagement with outdoor advertising kiosks. Display vibrant visuals and promotional content in high-traffic outdoor areas, turning passersby into potential customers.

Secure transactions

Our outdoor kiosks can be equipped with secure payment terminals, allowing users to complete transactions seamlessly. Whether it’s purchasing tickets, paying for services, or buying products, these kiosks ensure convenient and secure financial transactions.

Our smart interactive outdoor kiosks can be ordered in multiple shapes and designs. All come with solid steel main frames and are in standard black and white. Or you can go for a design that fits your brand.

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Product highlights

Screen size: up to 75”
Touchscreen: capacitive touch
High brightness LCD display
Waterproof & shockproof