Smart whiteboards

Bringing people together

Productive meetings? Interactive presentations? Easy learning?

A smart interactive whiteboard makes communicating easy in meetings or classrooms. It’s an unmissable tool in modern organisations or training settings. Whether you use it as a large scale LCD display, as an interactive touch whiteboard, for videoconferencing, … our smart interactive whiteboard delivers a superb performance.

Every smart whiteboard comes with an LCD display with anti-reflection glass and features high resolution, high brightness and high contrast to ensure good visibility with daylight. The Windows or Android operating system ensures you have full control of all functionalities such as Office, other type document editing, conference recording and much more.

Use the whiteboard with a standing bracket on wheels or a fixed wall-mound bracket. With a high-resolution camera, a microphone, touch pens, remote control, … it’s perfect for every possible meeting or class room. Our whiteboard ensures low maintenance costs with an operating life of over 50,000 hours.

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Product highlights

Screen size: up to 86”
20 simultaneous touchpoints
Windows or Android operating system